Click to call me back and mass business communication

Being available is a business virtue for today’s consumers and customers. Problems, delays and failures in the services offered are always feasible. However, what the customer does not forgive is that companies are not there to offer fast, expeditious and easy to reach attention. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that allows greater communication with beneficiaries.


click to call me back

Being accessible in today’s world is synonymous with higher probabilities of closing new sales or business. That is why companies open websites, social networks, contact centers and as many communication channels as possible. The greater the presence, the better the chances that a new customer will be interested in the service.

Websites and click to call me back

The official website is a priority for companies even now that everything is focused on social networks and online stores. But there is a very repetitive problem with this type of digital space: The lack of ways for interaction. Some sites have at most a section with phone numbers or an email address. Unfortunately, these data are often outdated.

Click to call me back is a module that allows customers to contact the company effectively. This system consists of a button that is installed on the corporate website. When the customer presses it, it automatically opens a box where he will leave his telephone number. In this way, the data will reach an operator who will be in charge of returning the call instantly.

With this system, customers will have another way of accessing the company’s operators. It is possible to have a call center and within it a small department in charge of reviewing the contacts that come in through the web page. Its installation is very simple as well as the review of the contacts that come in through this module.

Click to call me back: a sales ally

Click to call me back is ideal to attend to those customers who do not enter through traditional contact.  In this sense, it should be considered as an ally of the call center software and the customer service department. In a way, it generates a small flow of calls that will not come in through the call center. However, this module is not only used to manage user problems regarding a service.

The click to call me back is ideal for attracting potential customers through the company’s website. If an Internet user explores the site and is interested in the services or products offered by the company, he will be able to contact it through the button. In this way, a telesales operator will be able to complete the offer and capture one more customer.

Companies like Neotel offer the click to call me back module along with their virtual pbx’s services. Undoubtedly, this is an alternative to further leverage the company’s website. Keeping users happy or even gaining new customers will be easy with this add-on.