The Neotel IP PBX uses the opensource Asterisk technology.

This feature provides advantages at the functional level and also at the level of costs, both investment and maintenance.

An IP switchboard or an IP-PBX is a switchboard that works internally with the IP protocol. In this way, it uses the data communications infrastructure (LAN and WAN) to perform its functions. IP PBXs can therefore connect to public VoIP services, but they also have the ability to work with conventional analog or digital telephone lines (ISDN).

A Telephone Switchboard (or PBX for Private Branch Exchange and PABX for Private Automatic Branch Exchange in English) is a private device that allows managing internal telephone calls in a company, and sharing the access lines to the public network among several users, to allow that they make and receive calls to and from abroad. It somehow acts as a branch of the public telephone network.


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