There are many more advantages when using a virtual switchboard compared to the traditional ones.

Extensions do not have to be physically together, they do not need to be in the same office, or in the same city, or even in the same country.

There are many advantages of using a virtual IP PBX in front of a traditional switchboard. Fundamentally, it is a question of costs and agility. In addition, the agility of our system allows you to add phone numbers, lines (extensions), voice channels, etc., totally online, in real time.

The virtual IP switchboard performs the same function as traditional switchboards (calls between extensions, transfer of calls, priority on incoming calls, etc.).

The virtual switchboards are very useful to get closer to customers and get more contacts.

Very important to look for information about the operator before hiring.

At the company level, being a few hours or a whole day without a telephone line can mean a huge loss of money, so it is best to choose a stable VoIP operator from the start.

When talking about stability, we refer to the fact that the IP Telephony operator does not leave you several hours without a telephone line.

For major changes it is very likely that you will resort to technical support, and for small changes it is always faster to manage them directly from the company. And even more if they are recurring changes.

In Neotel we do not have permanence and the reason is that we focus 100% on offering the best service with the best support in the market.

Technical support is one of the fundamental pillars of a virtual switchboard. When choosing an IP telephony operator it is very important that they give a good support and that they really care about helping you.

The telephone stations are always connected by Internet to the virtual switchboard. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect several company headquarters to the same virtual switchboard so that it manages all calls and telephone lines for all workers.

The virtual switchboards serve to manage the calls of companies of all sizes: from companies of 1 or 2 workers to multinationals.

As the virtual switchboard is a service in the cloud the extensions connect with it through the Internet. The incoming and outgoing calls of the company, which are with IP telephony, always pass through the virtual switchboard, which manages them.

With the virtual switchboard companies can manage all their telephone system: from creating extensions to adding new phone numbers, creating schedules and queues, putting music on hold and much more.

A virtual switchboard, also called vPBX, is an advanced IP telephony system that allows companies to have several telephone stations through extensions and professionally manage all calls.

Forget old equipment that requires maintenance and become obsolete quickly. Trust in new technologies saving time and money.

Unified communications tailored to your business!

A virtual switchboard works in the same way as a traditional switchboard, but adding all the benefits of technology in the cloud.


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