What is VoIP? What is IP Telephony?

VoIP comes from the English Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means «voice over an Internet protocol». Basically VoIP is a method by which taking analog audio signals of the type that you hear when you talk on the phone are transformed into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet to a specific IP address.

Why use VoIP?

It is known that it will take some time but it is certain that in the near future the conventional telephone lines that we use in our daily lives will disappear completely, the technological advance indicates that these will most likely be replaced by IP telephony.

How does Internet telephony or VoIP work?

servicios voip

With telephony with Internet or VoIP we can make calls through the Internet at a cheaper price than usual.

What is VoIP and IP telephony?

Know what VoIP means, what IP telephony is and why it became so popular
IP Telephony

IP telephony – also known as Internet telephony – refers to communication services: telephone, fax, messages and related applications (software).


Of course, the quality of the communication is directly related to the speed of the Internet connection that the people involved are using.


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