physical server VS virtual server

Data center products: Which one is best for your online store?

Creating virtual stores is a business trend that is making waves. The most profitable company in the world is in fact a Marketplace and obeys this business concept. To tell the truth, this formula is very profitable, promising and allows to start an enterprise with few resources. However, creating an online store requires something very important: data center products.

Those who want to sell on the Internet must go beyond the creation of a good website. In fact, every site needs adequate storage space to function. This element is known as web storage and it is important to choose the right service for the online store to work perfectly. Below, we will show you something that will be key to start your ecommerce.

Data center products: What is web hosting?

Data Center Products

The Internet is a virtual space that is made up of a lot of information. Everything we see on it, social networks, web pages, applications and digital stores are nothing more than information stored on servers.  The latter are basically computer components that allow storing and sharing data. That is why you can see so many things with a simple connection.

Anyone who wants to set up an online store must have storage space. In the past, publishing a website meant buying a physical server. Over time, web hosting or storage services were created. Today there are several methods to store information and of course, different companies and plans.

The important question is which is the most convenient hosting method for an online store? Before we can answer this, it is important to know the options we have to choose from.

What types of storage are available?

There are several techniques for storing website data and they all have pros and cons. When a person wants to publish an online store and for this purpose rents web hosting, it is established that he is betting on virtual servers. This is so, because the storage is made possible through the Internet and with equipment that he does not physically own, but rents.

In principle, the virtual storage service is the most viable today. The opposite would be to buy servers and set up a data center, which is quite expensive. That is why companies and individuals often rent the service from firms like Neotel, which have all the equipment and expert staff to provide the hosting.

The most important storage methods are shared and dedicated servers. You’re probably wondering «Which of these two is the one I should rent if I want to set up an online store?» Actually, either of the two could be useful, but everything will depend on the characteristics of your online business.

Shared server: Ideal for starting out

Smaller, unknown online businesses with little information can start with a shared server. This alternative has the great advantage of being very cheap. Those who, for example, start with a simple, small digital store with little information could temporarily opt for this type of service.

However, you have to be very careful with this. To tell the truth, the merchant should always be aware of his business: Is the website heavy and has a lot of elements? Does it sell a lot of products? Could it have a lot of traffic?

The problem is that some businesses that appear at first to be very small, can grow in a very short time. For example, a seller who already has customers and launches an online store will probably have more customers than an inexperienced person. Of course, more customers means more traffic. Therefore, you have to be very objective and analyze how is or can be the commercial flow of your business.

Which digital stores work with shared server?

Those who are just starting to sell and have few products in stock, could start with the shared server. For example, if an entrepreneur sells only 10 different types of products, he could appeal for this service which is more limited and cheaper. A small clothing retailer or a book writer is the best example of this.

Those digital stores that have a minimalist design and without so many plugins, can also be supported with shared hosting. Of course, taking into account the size of the page and the amount of information stored involves projecting into the future. Those entrepreneurs who aspire to sell at a higher volume in the short or medium term, should rent a service that adapts to that possibility.

The shared server works very well for entrepreneurs who still sell few products and at a controllable volume. You can also look at this as an incremental issue. That is, start with cheap storage and start paying for more storage as traffic and sales increase.

Look for a company with a variety of plans

It is worth noting that a technology company can offer a variety of shared hosting plans. The idea behind this is to be able to scale up to a better service when needed. For example, a small digital store that purchases a limited plan will become slower with the arrival of more customers and traffic. When this happens, the entrepreneur will need better storage and the ideal is to be able to get it with the same company.

At Neotel, in addition to offering our virtual PBX for SMBs, we also offer web hosting. In this case, we have three plans to suit the needs and budget of customers. The goal of this is that anyone can get the storage and go up as your digital store brings you better benefits.

The idea is to make web storage something profitable for those who hire it. Now, in the case of an online store, it is best to at least start with a premium shared server. This is a good way to ensure that the web page works properly while the business grows.

Dedicated server: Ideal for established companies

If, on the other hand, an online store reports a considerable volume of sales, it will be necessary to hire a dedicated server. As a matter of fact, fully-established companies require this type of web hosting. This is because the amount of data stored is usually greater, as well as the need for computer security.

As the name suggests, the dedicated server involves allocating a computer that is exclusive to the company that rents the service. This is the opposite of, for example, splitting a hard disk and assigning a part of it to each company. In addition, data center products for dedicated servers tend to be more efficient.

In general, small service companies tend to hire dedicated servers. This is because this type of storage is usually much more secure. Of course, there are stores with such a large volume of products, traffic and sales that they also require a solution of this level. The idea is always to weigh the cost and benefit of web hosting.

What data center products does Neotel offer?

At Neotel we offer the possibility of hiring shared and dedicated servers. In this way, entrepreneurs can choose the most convenient service, also considering their budget. This applies both to the creators of virtual stores, as well as to anyone who wants to publish a website.

For the shared service we use Linux virtual machines, known in the IT world for their efficiency and speed. We have Basic, Business and Premium plans. A customer can get web storage from as little as 10 euros. Of course, you can always upgrade to a much higher capacity service.

We also have a virtual server service for larger companies and online stores. These teams have a 260 GB hard drive, 64 GB RAM and unlimited transfer. We have the best equipment to ensure security, speed, efficiency and a positive experience to grow your business.

We go beyond the virtual PBX for SMBs

Neotel has been known for selling its call center software. However, we also offer ecommerce solutions. In fact, our virtual PBX for SMBs is much more than call center software. In addition to unifying business communication and providing professional telephone functionalities, our product integrates other marketing solutions.

At Neotel we offer a network of tools to improve communication and sales for every type of company, regardless of its economic activity. Call launchers, bulk SMS, click to call me back for web pages and an endless number of tools that will improve the business work from different perspectives. We have prices adaptable to the monetary reality and requirements of each entrepreneur.

Of course, to all this we add our data center products for storing web pages. In Neotel you will find everything you need to serve your customers and achieve more sales. Take a look at all our products and contact us in case you want more information about the services we have available.