Robot call: reach your customers without moving a finger

When you talk about telephone assistance you immediately think of a call center with many operators. However, companies have other alternatives to provide attention to their customers. One of these solutions is robot call, totally automated and very effective.

Call launchers allow managing the sending or receiving of calls to tele-operators by means of dialers. However, the call robot makes it possible to carry advertising, billing or any type of attention without occupying the staff.

What is the call robot?

The call robot is a modality that allows to launch calls with a recorded message for the clients. The system is basically programmed to communicate the information that the company wants, even to large lists of numbers. In this way, it is possible to dispense with human operators for certain tasks.

The call robot emits these messages in a massive and simultaneous way without major human efforts. This technology is one of the most advanced and automated in telephone communication.

In this way, the call center can be oriented in the attention of calls and tasks of specialized marketing. Meanwhile, the less complex information tasks can fall to the call robot.

How to choose the call robot service?

It is important that the company studies well the characteristics of robot call that it requires in function of the tasks that it tries to assign. The automated services can be very diverse as for what they allow to do. The functions change in each product as well as its price.

The basic robot call simply they reproduce messages pregrabados when a client attends the call. Nevertheless, some allow that the client accedes to a menu of options by pulsation. In these cases, the objective is that people can communicate with a specific department.

All it said indicates that the robot call can be much more that a repeater of announcements. This tool can generate interaction in the clients and to motivate in them the affiliation or payment of a service.

Increases productivity and sales

The call robot is the perfect complement to the customer service department. In the case of Neotel, this modality is incorporated with the call center software. Companies can have it without installations and with a system hosted 100% in the cloud. The important thing is to research and find optimal business solutions.