WebRTC line and remote work for companies

Until recently, video calls and video conferences were thought to be a thing of the future. In fact, all high-level companies have been working with this technology on a regular basis for some time now.  As of the decade beginning in 2020, global developments have made the WebRTC Line even more indispensable for everyone.

webrtc line

Until a few years ago it would have been inconceivable to think of seeing our grandparents or parents making a video call. The passing of time has made most people use this technology, implemented since 2011, out of necessity. Virtual classes, video conferences, virtual meetings: all this is now the norm. Companies must prepare for change There are still companies whose operations depend on a call center room full of employees on a schedule. Realities such as remote work seemed to be the preserve of small groups of young professionals, but now it is the norm. In fact, working from the WebRTC line has multiple advantages for companies. People are getting used to working from home, and as a result, companies’ operating expenses are going down. Some are incurring in international recruitments to lower the cost of personnel. Of course, being able to access these benefits involves adapting communication to the WebRTC line. This type of service is not too costly and everything is left in the hands of a communications company. What is done is that a softphone interface is contracted and workers are assigned users. From there, any employee can work even from the comfort of his home, with his own device. WebRTC line and Virtual PBX: Controlled remote work The fact that people work outside an office does not mean that their work cannot be controlled or measured. For example, if you have a staff of tele-operators working remotely, all calls are recorded in the virtual PBX. In fact, they are also recorded and can be monitored, as well as generating productivity statistics. Similarly, operators can have a softphone that allows transfers and other call center functions. Everything can be done from a device with an internet connection from any place where the employee is located. This type of technology is useful for both customer service and internal company communication. Call costs are also lower because everything is done over the Internet (IP Telephony). An important step: look for the right company Currently there is a certain offer of communications services based on WebRTC and call center software. In order to make the most of the technological migration, it is necessary to carefully analyze what each company offers. Aspects such as prices, connectivity and complementary services should be analyzed. It is also important to have a company that has experience and technological knowledge in the area. For example, one of the companies that stand out in prices and updating is Neotel. The next step is to seek advice from this type of company.