Voice IP Switchboards

Do not stay behind. Now take your telephony to the cloud by the hand of Neotel.

With the cloud telephony solution from Neotel you get great advantages:

– Save money because you do not need to make an investment in expensive hardware equipment, nor installation and maintenance of them.
– You gain flexibility because you can pay only for what you need.
– You save time because you discharge your services only in hours and not days.
– And you have a complete portable contact center.
– Administer your PBX by adding or removing extensions to your liking.
– Easily set up your switchboard and scales to your needs.
– High management of all information related to billing, customers, and your company in general.

centralitas voz ip
You have all the services unified within a same platform 100% accessible.

Forget the rigidity of traditional telephony services. Neotel takes your company and your switchboard to the cloud with maximum flexibility.

Neotel Voice IP PBXs reinvent telephony in your company.


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