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Virtual PBX VoIP

Neotel presents the most advanced IP Voice PBX – Virtual PBX on the market, any investment cost or permanence agreement needed and completely online.

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Call Center Tools

Our Call Center Tools optimize your Virtual Switchboard campaigns: Automated Dialer, Progressive Dialer and Robot Call.

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Personalized Services

Data Center, third party PBX integration, software or telecoms consulting as personalized services


Optimize your sales with our All-in-one.

Neotel allows your business mobile phones to be part of the PBX or Call Center in a bidirectional way, as extensions, with any extra charges in phone calls from landline to cells and vice versa.

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Without investment, without commitment, remote assistance, online management and PBX VOIP advanced functions. Neotel is your reliable service.


    Save 100% of equipment. You will get PBX Virtual advanced functionality without any installation.

  • Click to Call me back

    Call Me or Click to Call service related to a Call Center is an app for getting information through direct connection in real time with the company.


    Thanks to Neotel’s brand new virtual fax service, you could count on a complete, safe and high-quality service without the fax itself and its supplies.

  • Telemarketing Surveys

    With this tool Neotel’s client has the possibility to carry out as many surveys as he wants and transfer to the clients he deems necessary to the same. In this sense, they will be able to evaluate any aspect that they need of the call to improve results and the work of its agents.

  • Incoming call statistics

    It is a record of calls that enter a queue, whether it has been answered or not, how long it has been waiting before being answered, how much talk time once answered and the total time of this call.

    It can be listed by all queues or by the name of any queue, as well as show all, answered and unanswered. This result can be grouped by date or by queue.

  • Dynamic signaling

    We program from our system, that certain destinations show one or other of your numerations.

  • Call Recording

    The phone call recorder allows conversations that are made or received from any extension of your company to be stored for two months automatically.

  • Spy & Whisper

    With the SI service and through the web interface of your PBX you can use a tool that will help the training of your telemarketers.

  • Integrated Mobiles

    The company’s mobiles can be part of the telephone exchange or call center bidirectionally, as extensions, without over costs of calling from landlines to mobiles and vice versa.

  • Third Party Verification

    During a phone call, dialing the code * 90, the call begins to be recorded, until it hangs or is dialed * 90 again.

  • Selective signaling

    Through a code, you can make a call show one or the other of your numbers. As well as changing, perennially, the signaling of an extension.

  • Tail positioning

    When receiving more than one call in a queue, the caller is informed of the position he / she is holding while also waiting for the caller, once the call is answered, indicates the time that has been On hold the caller.

  • Meeting room

    A numbering is established to which several interlocutors call to make a meeting (Audio conference, Multi conference), protected with a key so that only the connoisseurs of this one can accede.

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Asterisk can work with Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows, and will work with most compatible SIP phones and softphones.

A VOIP telephone switchboard / IP PBX is formed by one or more SIP telephones / VOIP phones, an IP PBX server and optionally a VoIP gateway. The IP PBX server is similar to a proxy server: SIP clients, whether they are virtual phones or hardware-based telephones, are registered on the server of the IP PBX and when they wish to make a call, they request the PBX IP that establishes the connection. The IP PBX has a directory of all phones / users and their corresponding SIP address and can therefore connect an internal call or route an external call through a VoIP Gateway or a VOIP service provider.

Basically, we talk about the replacement of the conventional telephone, which in this case are VoIP phones, which allow you to configure to connect to a certain IP (usually through SIP protocol) and communicate with the Asterisk server.


An IP PBX or VoIP Phone System replaces the PBX or traditional telephony system and offers employees mobility with an extension number to each and the ability to conduct audio and video conferencing and call all colleagues for free using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Asterisk is currently the leader in the open source VoIP PBX market.

Asterisk is software that can convert a general purpose computer into a sophisticated VoIP communications server.

IP PBXs can therefore connect to public VoIP services, but they also have the ability to work with conventional analog or digital (ISDN) telephone lines.

The technology used by IP switches is called VOIP (voice over IP) and in addition to transmitting voice also allows receiving and sending data.


Thus, with an IP PBX, you will not only be cheaper to talk on the phone, you will also be able to make videoconferences, have a chat system between your employees to streamline communications, enjoy voicemail connected to email and endless Functionalities that could not have with a traditional switchboard or, at best, would be a high overhead for your company.

In this way, you will only need the terminals (IP phones) or use the company’s computers as a telephone terminal simply by installing the appropriate software.

The IP PBX server is similar to a proxy server: SIP clients, whether they are virtual phones or hardware-based telephones, are registered on the server of the IP PBX and when they wish to make a call, they request the PBX IP that establishes the connection.

You can schedule or make bulk call forwarding from the Neotel Automater web tool.

Automarcador service is a tool that allows to carry out campaigns of massive calls offering also multitude of advanced functionalities, by means of which to optimize the campaigns.

An automant is a system that automatically calls the existing contacts from a list previously loaded into the system.

Progressive and / or predictive automation, allows to increase the productivity of the agents and the effectiveness of the emission campaigns. Neotel is one of the most powerful automakers in the market.

Once the customer contracts the service, you can begin to plan and personalize the campaigns and make the shipments quickly and easily.

Using the dialer for outgoing calls allows the simultaneous management of contacts and increases the quality of care.

Using the dialer for outgoing calls allows the simultaneous management of contacts and increases the quality of care.

An IP PBX provides the basic services of traditional communication systems and adds advanced functions that only these types of systems are able to provide.

Installation and maintenance of Call Center systems, Virtual Call Center, IP Switchboard, Virtual Switchboard, Software for Call Center and CRM.

Open, reliable and high-performance IP telephony systems at affordable prices for all businesses.

One of the most recent trends in the development of PBX PBXs is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) for Private Branch Exchange is a private team that allows you to manage internal telephone calls in a company, and share public network access lines between multiple users, to allow That these make and receive calls from and to the outside.

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