There is a main factor that characterizes the virtual switchboard: the reduction of costs. It is really curious, but an aspect such as the added value in communications such as mobility, comes hand in hand with a reduction in the virtual switchboard, since the call forwarding can be done directly on the agents’ own mobile phones, without any need to acquire new equipment or terminals.

When a call is received in the mobile virtual switchboard over its headline number, the call will be diverted to the mobile number of an agent, who can manage the call and even transfer that call to another agent who is in another city, in another office or From your home; the caller will not perceive it.

The mobile virtual switchboard gathers all the classic possibilities of a traditional communications center: call reception, intelligent distribution, voiceovers, options menu, music waiting queue, internal call transfers, or mailboxes. The new element that revalues ​​the added value of an intelligent virtual switchboard management is found in the delivery of calls to extensions. If before these extensions were fixed and necessarily had to be circumscribed to the office itself, the mobile virtual switchboard allows the free delivery of calls to mobile phones instead of landlines.

The mobile virtual switchboard supposes the definitive fusion between fixed and mobile telephony for professionals and individuals. The mobile virtual switchboard maintains all the functionalities of the traditional switchboards and also manages to add a series of attributes that have placed it as one of the most useful tools that companies currently possess.

In short, the virtual switchboard is an evolution of the traditional switchboard system that, taking all its elementary functionalities, manages to go one step further through a reinvented switchboard, with higher quality and efficiency at a lower cost.

In the end, the virtual switchboard retains all the advanced functionalities of the traditional telephone switchboard:

– Call filtering according to certain origins within the virtual switchboard.
– Informative locutions that are orienting the caller through the different options of the virtual switchboard, announcing in the same way holidays, holidays, off hours etc …
– Call recording.
– Identification of the calls received in the virtual exchange.
– Voice mailboxes, with reception through email of the calls that have been received in the virtual switchboard.
– Call transfers between the different extensions of the virtual switchboard.
– Efficient and intelligent call delivery through queues with music, options menu, simultaneous deliveries, jump groups or, for example, direct detours.

The delivery of calls in the virtual voice over IP exchange is made through the Internet.

The virtual switchboard maintains, in essence, the characteristic attributes of the traditional telephone switchboard. Through a configuration on a virtual header number, the virtual switchboard intelligently distributes telephone calls without requiring any type of physical connection with the extensions. The configuration of the virtual switchboard is exclusively housed in a virtual way, through «clouding» or «in the cloud» technology, without needing equipment, analogue devices or an Internet connection to be operative.

The telephone switchboard has given way to a broader and more transversal concept: the virtual switchboard.

In practice, a telephone exchange tries to communicate an external telephone line with the extensions of an area (company) or connect these extensions with each other.

A virtual switchboard is just a system that allows you to connect different telephone lines within a certain area. Its creation pursues savings in the number of connections that must be made to make a communication between several telephone extensions.

The advantages of the Neotel Virtual Switchboard go beyond telephony. The cloud allows us to optimize resources and boost efficiency. Cloud telephony is the freedom for your company to go further, with no installation costs or lost time.

Wherever you are, through the control panel, configure your virtual switchboard you need. Our control panel allows the control unit to be freely managed. It is available at any time, from anywhere and on the device that you have at hand.

Live up to your demands. A powerful virtual switchboard in functionalities, with the latest innovations in telephony, and without limits to increase capacities or extensions when you need them.

The Virtual Switchboard offers you all the power of an advanced telephone switchboard, with the advantages of the cloud. A flexible, efficient and easy-to-manage telephony solution so that your company’s voice reaches where it wants to go.

Not all services are recommended for all types of companies. The same applies to the telephone switchboard service, depending on the size of your company, it will be more advisable to choose one type or another. Due to the fact that they need installation and the purchase of special devices, it means that the telephone exchanges and the voip suppose a greater investment.

For this reason, the two previous types would be less recommended for SMEs, since they would have to make a considerable initial outlay. The option that best adapts to the needs of small and medium-sized companies, for the functionalities that it can offer and for not needing the installation or the acquisition of any type of additional device, is that of the virtual telephone exchanges.

When hiring a telephone switchboard, we must be aware that the initial configuration that is given to the telephone switchboard may not be what we need at some time.

Therefore, it is important to know how the necessary changes in the configuration would be made. In a physical telephone exchange, changes are difficult to make, must be made by specialized personnel, who in most cases will not belong to the company and will involve an additional expense. In virtual and voip telephone exchanges, such configuration will be much easier. It will be enough to make changes in the configuration panel to which the company will have access or requesting it from the company providing the service, which can make the change online.

When you hire a telephone switchboard service, keep in mind that the current size of your company does not have to be the same always, it can decrease or increase. For this reason, the size of your switchboard should adapt to these changes as well. It does not make sense to have a switchboard with 10 extensions when the company only has 5 workers, or what would be worse, that the company has only 5 extensions but it would need 10. As you can see, the scalability of the telephone switchboard is important. Analyzing each of the alternatives, the physical telephone exchange would be the only one that does not allow a change in size, or at least economic. When a physical switchboard is acquired, the size of the maximum extensions it can have is determined. In the event that the number of employees increases, a new one should be purchased, with the consequent acquisition costs and, in addition, the current one should be discarded, which may not be amortized. the voip and virtual telephone switchboards, if they allow this scalability, will simply be worth notifying the service provider and making a change in the contracted rate, either to increase or decrease the size.

Permanence is always an issue that causes headaches to those who hire a telephone service, whatever. Being able to cancel the service at the time you want, for whatever reason and that does not pose a problem, is something that everyone wants. Neotel does not include stays of any kind for the contracting of any of its products and / or services.

The possibility of being able to divert to mobile phones is something important nowadays. This provides the flexibility to receive calls whether in the office or elsewhere.

In short, this new concept of telephone switchboard, manages to bring together the basic functionalities that already had the physical telephone switchboard, including in addition, functionalities that make it better adapted to the current situation of the companies, providing a higher quality and efficiency of the service, and reducing costs for companies.

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