Installation and maintenance services of Call Center systems, Virtual Call Center, IP Switchboard, Virtual Switchboard and Call Center software.

For those companies that value the highest quality in their communications, Neotel offers open, reliable and high performance IP telephony systems at affordable prices.

In most cases, productivity is the most important thing for a call center, where we have thousands of contacts in a database, but it is difficult to get in touch with them, speak to them, and sell them something. Time is an expensive resource, and above all if we have many operators in the call-center. Time must be managed in the best possible way, and this is why call-center software will help us optimize this time, have statistics and control tools.

dialer - automarcador

The main advantage of call-center software, or call center management software, is that the telephone system is built into the same computer application instead of having a physical phone (which may be optional). In this way, we do not depend on the desire, speed or ability of operators to repeatedly dial telephone numbers without mistakes, but the dialing will be done automatically from a list that we have previously introduced to the software when creating the bell. Thus, each operator will be using his computer with headphones to go attending calls, and qualify the results. It should be remembered that the lists and databases must always be well updated, with quality data and without errors (and of course, complying with the law).

Thanks to Neotel’s powerful predictive dialing algorithm, the agents talk time is maximized and the number of contacts with successful people increases.


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