Make the most of your call center software by integrating the Neotel crm

In Neotel we believe that the integration of our crm with the switchboard can be a very good opportunity. If in your work your clients are not also the first thing for you, this is a mistake that could lead to more serious consequences at a later in Neotel we will analyze the advantages of integrating the crm into your call center:


1. Collaboration between departments


premium virtual call recorder

In addition to the sales department, other departments may need customer information in order to carry out their actions. If you hire our crm that is integrated into our virtual pbx for your call center you will be getting a very powerful tool for information management. Any department that requires at any given time to know X information about a customer can access a database very organized and represented in a really intuitive interface, which is the crm.

2. Mobility

Thanks to Neotel’s webrtc lines it is no longer necessary to find us anywhere. With a device with internet connection we can make and receive calls as if it were the office.

3. Reports

Thanks to the information we obtain through the Neotel crm, we can access data that would not be possible without the crm. It is necessary to think that inside the crm there is absolutely all the information referring to each one of the clients, its invoicing history, client file, incidences, etc.


call center software

4. Call recording

Although when you contract our call center software you already have a system for recording all outgoing and incoming calls, at Neotel we went a step further and introduced the premium virtual recorder. The difference of this with respect to the standard one is in its limitations, that with the premium recorder do not exist, whereas with the standard call recorder our recordings are eliminated after 2 months.

5. Pop-up windows


webrtc line

Thanks to crm, when a customer calls our company, the agent who is going to answer the call can see a pop-up window on screen with the most relative information of that customer to anticipate the conversation and thus be able to give a better service.


virtual pbx

Without the crm, when a customer calls us, the agent will need to ask for their name and look for the customer’s file or fill it in if it doesn’t exist. This means more time and the possibility of mistakes.


crm + virtual pbx

The following CRM form «Customer Relationship Management». Integrating Neotel’s crm into your call center system will bring your company innumerable advantages.