What is the difference between IP Telephony and conventional Telephony?

Basically, with IP Telephony, what we do is optimize our line of business in a better way.

With IP Telephony we improve communications and productivity of the company

If you still do not have IP telephony in your company, you should rethink things.

IP Telephony is more powerful than you think.

IP telephony is linked to the virtual PBX hosted in the cloud. With the switchboard in the cloud our company grows faster.

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Thanks to IP Telephony and the Dialer, we save costs, we are more productive and in general we work better

The Voice IP is the enclave concept of the IP Telephony. If you are looking for an IP Telephony provider, you do not need to look for anything else. With Neotel you have the greatest coverage guaranteed.

No advanced knowledge is needed to use IP Telephony

If you still do not know how to install IP telephony in your company, call Neotel and we’ll get to work.

  • We verify your bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls will be ideal.
  • We advise you on whether to use our own Neotel softphone or if you prefer an IP terminal.

Whether you need to buy an IP phone or prefer to download a softphone application, we will advise you.

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Imagine your company working with IP Voice Telephony

Another peculiarity of IP telephony is the use of virtual fax. Without the need for physical fax machines, virtual faxing allows you to send and receive faxes in the same way.

Contract the Neotel virtual fax with the PBX. Call us and ask for prices

As simple as using an email account and an Internet connection. This is all you need to be able to use our virtual fax service for companies.

There are many reasons to use virtual fax:

  • Its reduced price for switchboard customers.
  • Mobility. No matter where you are, it is always available.

Never before has it been so easy to save money!

As soon as you request us you want to activate the virtual fax service, and you will be using it. This fast

If you are thinking of moving out of the office, the hassles of having to move your phone system with you disappear with the Neotel virtual switchboard.

Through the Network, the voice becomes data, and it reaches from a point of origin to a destination.

Fill in the contact form that appears on the web, or call us or if you prefer, send us an email. We will get your case as soon as possible.

IP telephony is based on voice over IP, which consists of transmitting the voice over the Internet.

Nowadays, IP telephony plans and virtual switchboards are the order of the day in companies. Neotel can offer everything you need.

Hire extra modules for your switchboard at your whim. Ask us about the modules for the Neotel PBX and you will be amazed.

If you need a Telecommunications company that specializes in switchboard services, call center software and CRM, Neotel is covered.

Ask for more information about our virtual switchboards

Either for a comfort or savings issue, do not continue postponing the migration to the virtual switchboard. Get rid of your obsolete physical switchboard once and for all and now hire the Cloud PBX with Neotel.

Give a more professional image.

The virtual switchboard is intelligent. It is designed in such a way that you will increase the talk time of your agents.

Set up a welcome message and music on hold for your customers.

Configure a menu of options so that users are transferred to the correct department within your company.

Important points of the Neotel switchboards:

  • Personalized welcome message
  • Queue waiting.
  • Redirection of calls.
  • Redirection according to schedules.

The virtual switchboards are presented as very useful services for companies of all sectors.

From Neotel we invite you to know more about our integral Telephony services.

SIP phones are affordable products for everyone.

Whether they are SIP phones, IP phones or softphones, they all transmit the voice over the Internet.

If you wish we can inform you about our IP phones at the best price

Contact us and we inform you without obligation.

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Once you try to make calls with the dialer, there is no turning back.

The guarantees of Neotel 2000

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  • 1 mes de prueba gratis sin ningún compromiso
  • Freedom: there are no permanency contracts
  • High quality IP telephony since 2000
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Whether you’re interested in predictive or progressive dialing, at Neotel we can help you

Give the best Customer Service possible.

Greater availability for your customers

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