Why would no company work without IP Telephony?

At Neotel we have been working with IP Telephony since 2001. It is not a few years, and in these, we have learned, improved and advanced a lot. Always all for the sake of our customers.

Did you know that you do not need to change your phone number when you switch to IP Telephony?

The main advantages of IP telephony are:

  • A reduction in the telephone bill.
  • Maximum voice quality through the Internet and with geographical mobility.
  • You will be using the most advanced technology in Telephony.

tellefonía IP

«More advantages and services but without paying more» – this is the theme of IP Telephony.

We use the Internet as a highway for the transmission of the voice, converted to data.

IP Telephony includes 2 main points:

  1. The transmission of data.
  2. The voice transmission.