Communication all over the world thanks to the voice IP

Being communicated correctly between client and company strengthens the position of your business. This is a fact. Having an ip voice system ensures us to be able to be connected with our workers, colleagues, friends, family …, and all that is needed is a device connected to the Internet and a web page.



virtual pbx

Neotel is the leading company in voice ip in the sector, offering secure, effective and fast communications, capable of offering you the quality service that you were waiting for, being ours a responsible company with the widest experience. The main advantage that we offers voice ip is the reduction of costs when making phone calls. Unlike conventional telephony, with IP telephony we use the Internet for communications. And this is exactly why the costs are reduced drastically.

Calling by voice ip is very easy

Three simple steps to communicate by voice ip:

  1. Hire the services that best suit your company: software call center, crm, virtual pbx.
  2. Carry your phone number or ask for a new one.
  3. You must contact a company that offers the service.

Below you can read the main advantages of using voip telephony in your communications:



call center software

  1. Cheap rates so you can communicate all the time you need, without being surprised by the costs at the end of the month.
  2. You do not need to make any changes in your company to enjoy voice calls ip.
  3. Being a voice based IP technology, you will be communicated with quality in the service, quickly and safely.
  4. Any device that has access to the Internet will serve to communicate with your workers.
  5. You can access your call center from any computer.
  6. It is not necessary to install programs that are difficult to understand.
  7. You do not need special phones. Your smartphone always works.

telefonía ip

Incredible advantages with the voice ip

Did you know that you can use the voice ip through your smartphone? It’s like having your office always with you no matter where you are. IP voice calls are widely used by entrepreneurs who are either in constant motion, or need to be permanently connected with customers and employees. Or both. Start using this type of telephony over the Internet with Neotel.