Reasons to invest in a Virtual PBX for your company

These are the questions that from Neotel they formulate to the people in charge of the companies with doubts about the suitability of integrating the virtual pbx in your company or not to do it:

  1. Would you like to work from home?
  2. Does your company have more than one employee and would you like to transfer calls?
  3. Do you need to know which calls have been lost in your company and would you like to be able to retrieve them?
  4. Does your company have a work schedule and another on holidays or outside of hours?
  5. Does more than one call come into your company at a time?
  6. Do you need to offer a professional image to your clients?


If 80% of the answers are in the affirmative, Neotel recommends companies to make the leap to the cloud with their virtual pbx.

With this test from Neotel we try to help those responsible for companies to make the final decision on whether to migrate their current switchboard system to the virtual pbx Neotel.