The benefits of hiring a 900 line

The 900 lines have multiple benefits for companies despite being free for the user. To tell the truth, certain types of businesses manage to grow exponentially around this type of service. Paying for incoming calls generated by customers can be a masterstroke.

900 toll-free lines

Lines such as 806 and 803 generate money but only serve to offer occasional trades during the call. On the other hand, 900 lines work to capitalize on massive campaigns in offering services. Of course, you always have to evaluate the size of the company and what it offers to users. What is the 900 line like? Lines with a 900 prefix are those that have zero cost for the caller. That is, customers who call companies that have this type of line do not pay for the calls they make. On the contrary, in this case the company that receives the contact pays for it in front of the telephone company. 900 lines are also considered commercially used because those who contract them are usually companies. Their basic intention is to facilitate the communication of clients and users through the use of a single number. All calls are attended by several terminals in the call center managed through the same virtual switchboard. However, behind a 900 line there is not only a faster or more expeditious customer service. In fact, this can be the key to truly successful marketing campaigns that multiply revenue. 900 lines: a lower cost for an exponential gain 900 lines allow you to unify all the call flow in a single number. The first advantage of this is that both customers and users can easily memorize the unique number that connects them to the company. The public’s knowledge of this access key should only be reinforced through television and network advertising. In time, this communication mechanism will remain in the collective unconscious. The 900 number of a company becomes a fundamental part of its image. Being free, it is giving added value to the customer from the moment he initiates the call. This ends up becoming a test of quality service for an entire audience. Having 900 lines also allows you to manage new contracts or customers through it. With the right campaign it will be very easy to attract people to contract the service offered. In addition, as all calls are handled through the call center software, an interesting database is generated. Without a doubt, paying for calls made by customers generates incalculable profits. Telephony services, cable television, insurance companies and clinics have reported excellent results. Companies like Neotel offer this service and incorporate it to the virtual pbx.