5 advantages of investing in call recording software

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Trust Neotel for communications in your business

You already know the importance of communications with your customers in your company. Today we want to tell you 5 advantages of investing in call recording software.

1. Simpler training

When you have a library full of real conversations and cases, you can review them and use these as the best training tool for your employees. By being able to review and listen to recorded conversations, you can identify the failures that your agents make, and then sit down with them to improve them.

2. Quality control

With all the incoming and outgoing calls you can perform a quality control of them.

3. Instant feedback


premium virtual call recorder

With the call recording software you have easier daily power, for example, to check all the calls that have been made within your call center, and that same day analyze the quality of the service your customers have received. In this way, this is easier than if we left this task pending in the long future. Having the possibility to listen to all your calls, it will be much easier for you to improve customer service even more in your company, something that is undoubtedly highly valued by any customer.

4. Better customer service

With the call recorder companies are able to improve their customer service to points previously unsuspected. The telephone service offered to your clients must be your best weapon. Do not forget that the competition is broad. Therefore, if we want to increase our customer base and build loyalty, it is necessary to offer the best possible telephone service.


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5. Saves all incoming and outgoing calls for life


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Neotel offers 2 months of recording calls by default to all its customers at no cost. But what happens when we need more time? For clients that need a dedicated server to keep a complete history of all calls made, and that these are kept forever, there is a premium call recording service where the customer has 1TB of capacity to store all calls. This way it does not matter how much time has passed. Your calls will always be stored there 100% securely. In addition, premium call recording service puts into operation a search engine to make it very easy to locate your calls, with different configurable filters by the user. To use the virtual premium call recorder system you do not need anything. Only with an Internet connection. And if you need our operators to inform you with more details about the premium virtual recorder system, we recommend that you contact us and ask for it.