Discovering the concept of IP Telephony

We at Neotel have been offering IP telephony services since 2001

IP Telephony is based on Voice over IP which consists in transmitting the voice transformed into data through the Internet.

Simply put: IP Telephony is ‘Internet Telephony’.

Advantages of SIP VoIP Telephony

In Neotel our department. Customer Service will be happy to answer your questions about this technology. Just need to call us, send us an email or fill out the contact form.

IP Telephony works by connecting an ORIGIN point with a DESTINATION point, transmitting the voice over the Internet.

One of the main advantages offered by VoIP Telephony is mobility. If tomorrow we need to move from office, our internal telephone will move with us.

If you still do not work with Neotel’s Virtual Fax, keep reading

The main advantages of this service that Neotel offers to all its customers are: its reduced price and ease of use.

Why should you install a virtual fax in your office and get rid of your traditional fax machine ?:

The Virtual Fax system is 100% mobile. It accompanies you wherever you go.
Via the Neotel virtual pbx, we can get the Virtual Fax service at a very low price.
To work with Virtual Fax you only need an Internet connection and an email account. And nothing more. Yes, it is that simple!

We saved having a physical fax machine in our company.

Having the Virtual Fax tool for our company will be a great help and will facilitate the day to day. And is it not just about getting this?

The Virtual Fax is very easy to use

To know in more detail how Neotel’s Virtual Fax works, we recommend that you contact us through any of the aforementioned ways, as this way our team of professionals will be able to explain more clearly all the functionality and peculiarities of this magnificent tool.

If in your company you are looking to save money and not have to invest now in a fax machine, the Neotel Virtual Fax is without a doubt what you need.

What do I need to start using VoIP services?

Keep in mind that without an Internet connection it will not be possible to use VoIP or VoIP technology. You can also buy one of the terminals that we offer from Neotel and that comply with all the advanced advantages so that your company can take advantage of Voice over IP to the maximum. However if you do not want this you can simply download a computer application (softphone).

If you have doubts about whether your company meets the necessary requirements to use Voice over IP you can call us right now and from here we can verify that this is so.

  • You need to hire a VoIP operator. Neotel is your solution.
  • IP Phone or Softphone.
  • The speed of the connection to the network also influences. Ensures enough bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls is the best.

Centralita Virtual IP

Starting to use Voice over IP is easier than you think

Today we hope that this article has been a little clearer what are the requirements to enjoy the VoIP service.

Get to know the launcher Automatcador

By hiring an IP virtual pbx for our company we are getting a number of advantages. With an IP virtual switchboard we can customize the incoming and outgoing calls of our company.

The virtual IP switchboard is more powerful than you still think.

fax virtual

If even in your company you do not have a VoIP virtual switchboard system, you are undoubtedly losing productivity.

telefonía ip

The virtual IP switchboard improves productivity and communications in the company

Use the virtual switchboard to optimize your business.