What tools or functions does the virtual PBX provide to my business?

Let’s look at some of the options offered by a virtual PBX:

Call Recording

Fundamental to carry out an internal control over the calls and possible conflicts with clients. A virtual PBX can record all calls and store them for later retrieval.

Call management according to different schedules

Depending on the time when we receive a call, we can program the virtual PBX to act in one way or another.

Call transfer

We can transfer calls from one extension to another.


If a number is busy the PBX automatically redirects the call to another available line. We will never lose a call from a potential customer because of a busy line.

Virtual PBX

Option menu

Possibility to program different options according to the key that the client clicks on his terminal. This is very useful for transferring the call to one department or another.


A programmed locution allows to inform the client while waiting for what we want, being a promotion that we have active at that moment, or anything else.

And this is just a small sample of what a virtual PBX offers.

The virtual switchboard allows the customer to give a better service and more quality. With features such as call recording, call handling depending on different schedules, call transfer, redirections, options menu, voiceover, … our company will be able to maximize sales faster.

And it is that customer service is paramount for any company that considers itself professional.

When a customer wants to know more about our products and services, perhaps because he has already consulted us online on the Internet, it is very likely that his next step is to try to contact us in a telephone.