Sending mass SMS to mobiles still ensures successful campaigns

Sending mass sms to clients’ mobiles is still on the top of the most successful marketing strategies. Users continue to be attentive to the messages sent by their companies through this format. Trust, habit and a good margin of acceptance are some of the advantages provided by campaigns via text messages.


send sms massively

It doesn’t matter that there are new technological options and ways to get the messages of the companies and promotions across. The SMS remains valid and allows the reception of information even when the device does not have an Internet connection. This type of message has people’s attention and that is why the most successful companies do not stop using them.

Mass SMS for companies: easy, fast and effective

To carry out this type of campaign you only need a platform to send sms. Generally, this module is installed inside the virtual pbx, as is the case with the Neotel service, for example. The messages are programmed and sent to all the data of registered users in an automated way.

However, there may be some differences between the modules offered in the communications market. The most complete proposals offer easy API integration with any third party software and programs. It is also necessary to have a built-in module to analyze the effectiveness of communications and campaigns.

Another very useful tool is the customizable templates with predefined but editable texts. The most advanced services even allow you to send web links via text messages. This is a necessary and very effective feature to get the customer to go to the digital portal. There is also the possibility of buying packs with a certain amount of SMS.

Advantages of sending mass SMS to mobiles

The biggest advantage in the automation of mass sms for companies is in its effectiveness. The open rate of this type of campaign is around 97%. This data indicates the percentage of users who have actually seen the message sent by the company. The comparison between this strategy and email notifications is abysmal in favor of text messaging.

Having statistics on the campaigns can improve the sending of text messages. In other words, this is a tool that allows companies to improve communication with the public. From the call center software, even messages with personalized user data can be made. These are usually very effective and allow the automation of some functions and services offered to customers.

Sending massive sms to mobiles is one of the bases of mobile marketing. Reaching customers is still easy with this tool that does not lose validity. Of course, it is essential to contract the service with an expert, cutting-edge communications company.