The companies are integrating the CRM with the Virtual PBX and you should also

Surely if you read this news until the end you will make a very good decision: call Neotel and ask how you can integrate the CRM with your virtual PBX system.

Do you want to integrate the crm into your telephone system in your company?

Once you are a customer of Neotel’s virtual pbx, it is very easy to integrate our CRM into your switchboard. You just need to make a call and tell us what you want to do.

How is a CRM integrated into your company’s telephony?

CRM maximizes your employees’ productivity, which means working fewer hours and getting more.

What benefits does the company have with an integrated CRM?

How about the idea that when a client calls you, it automatically displays on the screen information related to that client, such as the contact information that has made the call, its number and any other information about other conversations that have been held. with this person?

By integrating the crm with your company’s telephony you get absolute control over incoming and outgoing calls and with respect to customers.

Registering both received and completed calls is one of the main advantages when integrating the crm into the switchboard

CRM is the easiest way to create new contacts

As long as you have the active application, when you receive a call from one of your clients, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with absolutely all the information about the client. The fact that when a customer calls us, we get a pop-up in screen with all the relevant information about it, is a way to be prepared before answering the call. Integrating the crm with the virtual switchboard will allow us to always know who is calling us.


crm with virtual pbx

To identify all incoming and outgoing calls in the company, CRM is the best solution in the market

A virtual pbx allows to have many lines, in the way of extensions.

CRM functions:


virtual pbx

  • Take control of interactions with potential customers.
  • Save the data of possible clients to continue contacting them later.
  • Help to obtain clients from business opportunities and current customers.

A CRM also helps us with the loyalty of our customers. It is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep all the information of our customers in an organized way. In addition, thanks to the CRM, our marketing campaigns will be much more productive by having greater control over our information. If you have been reading this far, it is more than likely that you now understand better why more companies are asking for integrated CRM every day. of the switchboard. If you need us to resolve any possible doubts about our integration between Neotel’s virtual switchboard and our CRM, just call us.