Data center products: present and future of the companies

The new data center products have simplified many things within the offices. Until recently, companies invested large sums of money in the purchase of physical equipment for data storage. Nowadays, the most profitable thing is to contract the services of companies in telecommunications to carry out this management.


data center products

It is no longer necessary to have a data processing center. These machine rooms with huge processors and storage units have been replaced by virtual server technology. The advantages of hiring this type of service are countless.

The problem of physical servers

The main problem with physical servers is that they are expensive. Their installation already implies a planned design of the spaces that makes the companies’ remodeling works more expensive. In fact, just having to buy them implies a considerable investment and the expenses do not end there.

Having physical servers implies maintenance costs and specialized personnel. Maintaining this equipment implies changing parts, disks, installing antivirus, fixing breakdowns, etc. Furthermore, being machines, they are prone to damage over the years. In the past, companies had no choice but to face these costs due to the technology available.

Nowadays, all information and systems can be hosted by virtual servers. This is the advantage that cloud hosting technology offers. Now all data is treated and safeguarded in a secure way, by companies that offer their data center products.

Data center and virtual pbx products

The arrival of the virtual switchboard was made possible by virtual storage and Internet techniques. Previously, data was kept on internal servers, which were accessed by managers and computers. The most advanced companies leave this work to contracted companies and everything is done without the acquisition of machines that occupy an entire room.

The virtual switchboard implies having the hosting of the service software and the management data stored in the cloud. Companies like Neotel offer their data center products precisely under this dynamic. Everything is hosted on the Internet and data is handled by qualified IT experts.

The best part of this dynamic is that the contracted company assumes full responsibility for the storage. Basically, this is what having a company that offers data center products is all about. The maintenance costs are paid by the communications company. Meanwhile, the contracting company simply uses the call center software to do its usual work.

Contracting data center products is very economical for companies. In this way, workers are in charge of offering their primary services and leave the rest in the hands of specialized personnel.

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