Do you still think that your company can pass without a Call Center software?

To obtain information about the callers, the call center software systems work integrated via the crm.

How does the call center software benefit your business?

Cloud-based call center systems

With the Neotel call center software, the company (Neotel) is responsible for all the maintenance of the software so that the client does not have to worry about anything. The main purpose of the virtual pbx is to manage the calls, both incoming and the outgoing.

What is a virtual switchboard?

Various studies mark the experience in customer service as the differential factor at a competitive level. Clients require an infinite number of possible means of communication with companies: chats, telephone lines, whatsapp lines for instant messaging, email, etc.


call center software

Usually when a user visits our website, he ends up making a phone call for a responsible to explain all the final doubts that may have. The phone is still the main tool most used by customers. Software call center has established itself as an essential tool for companies and their telephone service with customers. Call center software is a tool to promote, help and improve customer assistance.


virtual pbx

The advances in voice telephony ip or voip have made it only necessary a phone, a browser and a computer to work from the first day with the call center software. Within the Neotel call center software we can find different types of launchers automatic calls : progressive marker, predictive dialer and robot call.