Video calling in the cloud opens doors for businesses

More and more applications for cloud-based video calling are being found in the enterprise sector. Consultations point out that the most prestigious companies in the world are aware of the advantages of its use, both internally and with customers. Now, a consultation made by LinkedIn, a recognized social network of employment exchange, ratifies the importance of turning on the camera when establishing communications via the Internet.

It is the same companies that are recognizing the power and usefulness of using video calling. This is not just a simple perception, because in recent years hundreds of companies have found a place for this communication modality in their daily operations. In this article, you will also see the result of a professional study on face-to-face communication.

Do you have a company? Turn on the camera!

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn and answered by players in the business sector, making video calls in the cloud is much better than just having audio conversations. The specific question asked during the survey was «Is it better to have the camera on during video calls? The results were more than revealing and can be analyzed at a glance.

Up to 56% of the participants answered that it is advisable to turn on the camera, since they were making video calls. In addition, a revealing 28% answered that they did turn on the camera because they liked to «participate 100%». In other words, for a good percentage of workers, taking on a video call in the cloud fully implies commitment to what they are doing. In sum, 84% of those consulted saw communications with embedded real-time video as positive and even necessary.

Only 12% indicated that they did not think it was appropriate to turn on the camera during a cloud video conference or bilateral video call. Even the remaining 4% indicated that they «would like to turn on the camera, but…», indicating that they might be embarrassed because they are shy. However, this latter group also views video calls positively at the business level. The impact of this type of communication is more than noticeable in the business sector.

Video Calling in the Cloud: Opening Doors to the Enterprise

Another social psychology study from late 2021 shows that face-to-face communication is the best if you need to ask for help. In this sense, face-to-face conversation will always be better and it was shown that people are more collaborative when they see each other face to face. In any case, all this allows us to ensure that the video call in the cloud stands as the best formula to ask for help, if we are at a distance.

If the results of this study are extrapolated to the business environment, interesting conclusions can be drawn. For example, video conferencing in the cloud or video call makes the teleoperators of a company more efficient and empathetic. This is something that would benefit the company’s image above all. Video calling also allows the user to see the more human side of the company.

In simple words, the video call humanizes customer service and this is always a good thing. Not to mention the advantages this has for making successful sales. However, in business environments it is not enough to make a videoconference in the cloud on a social network, or through a chat. For this, it is much better to hire the services of an innovative virtual PBX like the one we offer at Neotel.

Neotel: Video calling in the cloud from a proprietary environment

Serious companies have their own environments to manage customer service. That is why, for example, when we call a call center, it has its telephone system, with the elements of the brand and everything is very professional. This is intended to project an image of formality, which in turn is a priority to inspire confidence. The same goes for the video call in the cloud.

At Neotel we have a WebRTC line and our own digital environment for companies to make video calls as it should be. Similarly, our system supports video conferencing in the cloud from professional elements. You will not need to resort to a slow or expensive social network to make this type of communication with your customers. The best thing is that this is only a complementary module of our virtual PBX. At Neotel we have the best technological solutions in communication and marketing.