Best Call Recorder Price

When looking for a call recording system in our company, we know that there are several alternatives, although not all are the same. In Neotel and unlike all our competitors we do not like our customers to feel tied hands with our company and this is why there are no permanences. Never. This means that without any problem our customers can try our services and, if finally they are not convinced they can go somewhere else. With this, it is easier to choose our services if you are interested in hiring a call recorder in your business.

We work with companies of all sizes, SMEs and large companies. Our services are targeted and have been developed having in mind both very small businesses in size of workers and large companies. the rates of the virtual pbx will depend on what your needs, for a Neotel call center, the price will depend on their needs.


How much does the Premium Virtual Call Recorder cost?

Neotel offers for free and to all its customers 2 months of recording. What does this mean? That after two months the recordings are automatically deleted. For customers who require a recorder without limitations Neotel has its premium virtual recorder service with a cost of 45 € + V.A.T. What does this service include?


  • You’ll never lose your recordings.
  • Server with 1 TB space for all your recordings.
  • Intuitive application for searching recordings with different search filters.

With our application clients just have to enter the Virtual Recorder module and from here filter as they want to perform searches.

If we activate the virtual call recorder, all our calls will be recorded and stored in the Neotel cloud for later listening by the customer. Neotel has a complete virtual pbx that allows all kinds of functionalities from its web application switchboard. We highlight among the features most used by our customers Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling. If you need to clarify information about any of these features of the Neotel switchboard please contact us right now and we will assist you without fail.


Neotel the best solution to record all your calls

When it comes to call recording, Neotel stands out from the competition in terms of price and quality of service. The Neotel recorder cannot be compared to other call recording solutions on the market.


Call recording systems: which is the best?


virtual pbx

Your company may make contracts over the phone. If this is the case, you will already know that in order to contract by telephone, you will need to record the call.

Make telephone contracts with the Verification by third parties

If it is important for you in your daily life to be able to review the telephone conversations made with customers, what better way than with Neotel’s virtual premium call recorder?

The virtual recorder of premium calls will be very useful to you when analyzing the information.


premium virtual call recording software

As you know when it comes to telephone conversations sometimes misunderstandings occur. Use a professional solution for the recording of all the calls in your business and don’t risk it.