The Importance of Correct Customer Service

For SMEs who wish to offer a high quality customer service, it is important (obligatory?) To have a virtual switchboard that suits their needs, is feasible, reliable, and has a team of professionals behind where The client knows that it has that support. With the virtual switchboard you will have at your disposal a series of advantages and benefits that, if up to now your SME did not have it, now thanks to this post we will understand the why of the importance of the virtual switchboard in a company.

– Offering added value with respect to the competition: By hiring a high-quality virtual PBX system, we are able to offer a worthy Customer Service to be above the competition in terms of image.
– Sell ​​without limits: Most likely your company does not just sell a single service or product. With a correct Customer Service you will get to the customer, extract all the necessary information, learn about their needs (known by customers and the unknown), and thus try to show and sell something more than could in principle have been. There are a few situations in which a customer contacts a company with an X need, not knowing that maybe X is not what he needs, but Y and Z. It reaches your customers in a better way. Sell ​​more and better.
– Give a more professional image as a company to customers: Customers love to know that they have your support; That the company is there for them when they need it, this is a reality. That a customer calls a company and this is always communicating gives a very bad image is the truth. By hiring a virtual switchboard we can set up locutions, queues, and endless possibilities that will make customers have a much better image of us as a company.

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When giving a QUALITY Customer Service, care must be taken with the following points:

– Poor rapprochement with the client: Nobody likes that when they call a company they have 15 minutes waiting, jumping from one department to another, from one agent to another, without being solved their needs. This happens in many companies that have dptos. Of Customer Service that are impersonal or cold, giving that feeling of distance to the calling customer.
– Lack of professionalism: When it comes to Customer Service, not all companies are professionals. From those that communicate without stopping, to which their agents convey a lack of professionalism and constant respect. This is fatal for a customer and the company, because if the first image is not the most positive, we are at risk of losing a possible sale or even a customer. You also have to take great care of the attention given, that the deal is the right one – not too far or too close. Do not forget that customers always come first.

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With this article today we would like to make known the importance of the correct Customer Service since this is not always done as expected. By hiring a virtual exchange with Neotel we make sure we are covering the main needs in order to offer a good customer service.

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