Customer Relationship Management


The Customer Relationship Management or CRM database platform focused on collecting companies’ relationships with their customers, this database will be an important source of information for the company, the more customers are known, the easier it is to plan, adapt and structure marketing strategies.

What is Neotel’s Customer Relationship Management application?

Neotel’s CRM application is a powerful customer management tool for your company, with this web application you will be able to

  • Unify your customer databases
  • Customer file including invoices – Estimates – Incident tickets – Important documents, (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Record calls held with customers
  • The history of notes written by customer service, knowing the person and the day of the note


Usefulness of CRM

Having this application installed allows to have unified information for the moment that an employee or tele-operator who attends to a client, either by commercial contact, or call will find information about the subject to be dealt with even if it is a subject that has not been dealt with by that agent in the first person.

Neotel CRM Use Case Studies


virtual pbx

We will present several case studies on the use of CRM

Case Study #1: Customer calls to place an order.

The agent has access to the budgets sent to the client, to know purchase prices or purchased products. You can give a professional image without consulting anyone about that information, knowing that talking to the customer.

Case Study #2: Customer calls to inquire about the status of a request.

The agent sees the history of notes to know the request, and see who attended the case being able to respond quickly to the client on the subject.

Business opportunity features

This module is a business opportunity, to evolve in several stages knowing how the agent advances the sale, being able to consult all the information and documents exchanged with the client.


crm Neotel crm virtual pbx call center software

Examples of business opportunities

Here are some examples

Example #1:

A real estate company will require its CRM tool to connect directly to real estate portals in order to manage the properties offered for sale.

As well as a specific module to add the properties in portfolio.

The objective of the CRM tool is to make communication between departments in your company fast and efficient.

Example #2:

A company of sale of sports footwear carries out a sale of some slippers through its web. The system will create a shipping request to the logistics department so that they can automatically prepare the shipment. When the logistics department has sent the package, the final customer can receive a notice that the package has already left and is going to the shipping company.

Integration with the telephone switchboard. (CRM + PBX)

In addition to all the administrative and commercial management, the application can be connected to Neotel’s virtual pbx, thus linking incoming calls to the customer’s file that has the phone added.