Private label PBX: selling IP telephony services

The private label PBX is one of the most attractive business plans around IP telephony. Internet communication is becoming a profitable business for many. Being a novelty, the business opportunities are considerable.


private label pbx Neotel

Recent developments call for upgrading communication technology. The ability to make affordable calls and video calls over the Internet is at the top of the list of human needs. Whether it’s a student, a worker or an entire company, being able to communicate is vital.

Creating a VoID telephony franchise

New communication technologies are inexpensive and easy to sell. The best thing is that some prestigious companies are offering their services for those who want to create franchises. For example, Neotel offers its white label PBX for wholesalers.

Being able to market a system that allows the installation of IP telephony and virtual PBX is a profitable business. In this win-win situation, both the parent company and the wholesaler and even freelancer intermediaries can also generate passive income. All parties can report interesting economic gains with a fairly reasonable investment.

The service providers can sell the service in their own name and create their own brand. In fact, it is like having your own virtual PBX system and offering it as your own. In fact, it would be a bit more open logic compared to what happens with traditional franchises.

Virtual PBX: a simple technology

One of the advantages of working with today’s call center software is that its technology is simple. There are no large processors to operate and no complicated IT processes to learn. In general, everything is handled by the base company, which also usually provides on-the-job training.

The important thing is to hire a company that provides storage services. Experience and prestige in technological ventures are also vital. In this way, the wholesaler ensures the distribution of a high-performance service.

The real work consists of selling and perhaps learning a few simple configurations. Installing a virtual PBX service is quite simple, expeditious and does not require much technical knowledge. It is a commercial activity that is supported by the previous experience of another company.

Creating a company that offers IP telephony and virtual PBX services is not very complicated. You only need an investment and a small space to operate. Profits are profitable because an important resource for present and future companies is traded.