Are you still tied to your telephone company? Get ready to save big with Internet Telephony

With Neotel, when a client hires our Telephony services over the Internet, what he is getting is a customer panel from which he can access absolutely all the configuration of his switchboard system and call center software. And from which you have access to features such as removing or adding new extensions as you go or do not need them.

You control your services

Are not you tired of having to pay with your current Telephony company for services you do not need?

No up-front costs

The services of the PBX or virtual switchboard will provide the same features that you are already receiving with your current telephone system, only with more extras. The difference of our telephone system and others is that with ours you do not need to spend a single cent on hardware. Instead, all services will be hosted in the cloud which means that all data is hosted on Neotel’s secure servers. Since you do not have to invest in expensive office equipment, this option is less expensive for SMEs. All you need is an Internet connection and at least a desk phone, and that’s it.

Internet Telephony services offer much more to your company


With Neotel’s cloud telephony, there are other characteristics that can be of great interest to businessmen and managers, being the existence of a virtual receptionist one of these.

If you have a small business, you may be thinking that you can not afford a telephone system over the Internet. It’s just the opposite! The feature that stands out from any other in terms of Internet telephony is just that it is cheaper than conventional telephony. As there is no maintenance of computer equipment costs, and with cheaper rates for calls, Neotel can help you save a lot of money from the first day when you hire our services.