7 interesting facts about having a virtual receptionist set up to help your company grow and compete

That nothing ensures a customer more than giving the best customer service, is no longer a secret.

How your company can improve the brand and communication with a virtual receptionist

Save money

Your company can benefit from the cost savings. First, the system is configured to route callers to the most appropriate agent. This prevents clients from being transferred to the first available agent who may or may not be the best person to deal with their management. Second, it can help us with the customer’s call identification, so we can then decide which customer is the highest priority, and take care of that call before another.

Reinforce the image of your company

Shortening the waiting time the client spends on the other side of the line improves overall satisfaction and experience. None of your suppliers, partners or customers will feel bad when they see that their calls are handled in a better way.

Increase productivity and save time

Your employees make more productive days so your money will be better spent. This is one of the main benefits of having a virtual receptionist.

Having a virtual receptionist in your company is like having one more member in your staff. Since with the virtual receptionist we get some extra help.

Give the image that your company is working 24/7

The line of your company will always be operative. Even when your offices are closed.

High volumes of calls are no longer a problem

The system will manage several people at the same time without them being aware that there are more customers online. No calls are lost.

Interactive and receptive

More than just showing a voice and keeping the other person in line waiting, the virtual receptionist interacts with the client, through a panel of options, so that he presses a key or another and thus choose an option.


Each worker is assigned an extension. The virtual receptionist has been responsible for transferring incoming calls to each operator. With this, you get the system to do the same job as a human receptionist.

With this article we hope to have explained a little more about the advantages of having a virtual receptionist for our company. It is what is known as interactive voice response, or IVR. Think of this system, as «your own virtual receptionist».