Uses for the Signaling module in a call center

Communication with the customer begins long before the customer contacts an operator. Since this interaction is sometimes so difficult, companies must be very cautious in their approaches. Often there is only one opportunity to capture attention. In these cases, companies have a great automated ally in signage.


signaling virtual pbx

Most people are wary and even reluctant when they receive calls from numbers they don’t recognize. This is a normal reaction, but businesses certainly suffer greatly from this dynamic. Signaling allows a much more familiar prefix to be used for outbound calls. The result: a much more open and responsive response from the customers contacted.

Signaling uses principles of psychology

Signaling looks like a simple module of the virtual PBX but it is very cleverly thought out. It is arguably one of the most humanized functions even though it does not interact with the customer like the call robot. However, its goal is to allow the user to be much more confident in the company’s outbound call.

It is known that we are more likely to take a call if the number we are called from seems familiar. The more associations we make and the more something seems familiar, the more likely we are to interact openly and positively. This is precisely what signaling does. It doesn’t matter if the company is in another location, with this module the operator will be able to use a prefix of the customer’s city.

Signaling is an artificial mechanism that simply provides us with a prefix to call customers in a location. However, this is a solution created from psychology and the study of human behavior. Now, the important thing is to understand what uses we can give to this function that certainly solves many problems.

What is the real use of signage?

Basically, signaling facilitates any task that involves an outgoing call from the company. One of the functions that is most favored is that of the collection department. It is much easier to reach the customer when they see a number with a known prefix. The chances of the customer picking up the call are much higher by association.

Telemarketing campaigns are another area that benefits from the use of this module. Many companies always use the same number and over time their customers come to identify them. Being understood as «boring» offers and services, customers simply do not answer. In this sense, signage opens doors and the user can hear something that benefits him and buy.

Signage is also useful to give service parts or invoices or simply to attend to a request. The important thing is that this call center software system gives greater accessibility to the operator calling on behalf of the company. The right thing to do is to hire virtual switchboard services that have this type of function, as is the case, for example, of Neotel.