Is it important for my company to have a virtual PBX?

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Advantages of the virtual switchboard for businesses

Cost Savings

This service is managed from a single switch regardless of the number of venues you have distributed. In addition, it allows us to make free calls between employees of the company.

Control of the telephone attention
These tools provide us with a statistical system for analyzing different data. In addition they offer the recording of calls to be able to evaluate the quality of the service offered by the agent and to be able to solve incidents of a faster form.


Virtual PBXs allow the calls to be answered only by the appropriate agent for the same. How? It has a functionality where the call can be diverted to the desired agent.

Management by schedules

It does not matter anymore what work schedule we have. If the phone rings and no one is already active at the same time to answer the call, a locution will jump to give the image that we are still active.


It is possible to receive and make calls from any line of the company no matter where we are.

Currently there are systems of switchboards housed in the cloud with which allows a series of functionalities that until now were impossible.

Virtual pbx

Often for companies that receive a large volume of calls it is impossible to meet all of them.

And there is no doubt that communication over the telephone is still the main and most important today for customers.

The Internet has revolutionized the world of Telecommunications. This allows companies to access a large number of tools to facilitate the management of work.