Tutorial to start using Neotel call center software

About the software for call center there are many details that you should know and then we show you the main ones:

  • A pack of basic call center tools should include at least the following features: scripting, dialer, reports, call recording, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
  • The Neotel call center software integrates very easily with the switchboard.
  • Our software is compatible with all Operating Systems.

Get all the details of the call center software

Designing in principle for call center companies that need to be in constant communication with their customers, the tools that Neotel makes available to everyone are compatible and adaptable to all types of companies, and of all sizes.

The Neotel call center tools that help us is to better manage our services and the relevant information of our Telemarketing campaigns, together with the clients of our company.

What happens when you make a call using the Neotel call center software

When hiring a software call center company do not run. Investigate beforehand if you can about the trajectory of the company, clients with whom it works and if there are positive references on the Internet of the users of its services. And is that not all companies give the same level of quality. If you want to go to a fixed shot, do not be stumbling from one company to another, and you feel that your money has been very well invested, call us now and you will not regret it.

Increase your sales Expand the time your agents spend in conversation with clients. All this thanks to the Neotel call center software.

The advantages of working with the virtual switchboard compared to doing it with a physical switchboard are unlimited: there are no permanences, there is no initial investment by the client in physical machinery, and all the information is stored in the secure Neotel Cloud.

The Neotel virtual switchboard together with the call center tools work together to be the most advanced telephony solution worldwide. If you also need a CRM to organize all the information of the clients, Neotel has designed one that integrates with the PBX for the use and enjoyment of our clients.