Do you already know the WebRTC lines oriented to Call Center?

Do you want a technology that saves you money on your phone bills? Sounds great. Well, Neotel offers its WebRTC lines available to all its customers interested in starting to save money now.

Can you imagine having a call center 100% managed from an intuitive Web page? Can you imagine a call center without the need to invest in equipment, IP phones or facilities?

The calls of your company with a WebRTC call center

Before choosing a software for call center it is important to analyze what type of company is required and what volume of calls is expected to be managed. Previously, only companies with large accounts could afford to set up their own call center. But now all that has changed with the solutions that Neotel offers to anyone who needs it, such as its WebRTC lines. With Neotel webrtc lines, your company does not need to be one of the most invoiced to have its own call center service. Call centers allow companies to manage large volumes of calls. In addition, they help with the organization of the tasks of customer service. A call center with webrtc allows us to manage a large volume of telephone calls that are all made through the Internet. Companies that contract webrtc lines with Neotel look for, among more things, gain efficiency, save efforts and save money. Access to an Internet connection is something that is becoming more accessible every day for any company around the world. To use a webrtc line and start saving money on your telephone bills, you only need an Internet connection and nothing else. It is not necessary to buy any special physical phone or even. Take advantage now of a technology that has all the sponsorship of Google for communications within your company.


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Another advantage offered by the webrtc lines is the reduction in space. By not needing any type of physical device, our office space will be more liberated. Less is more, remember it.


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Conventional telephone systems, while very functional, are expensive. Every day there are more businesses that bet on setting up their own call center and telephone service by hiring the webrtc line. For what are you going to pay more if you can not do it? Using a webrtc line increases productivity in the company as well as giving a more modern image in our communication system with the client.