Compare virtual PBX

When migrating from a physical PBX to a virtual PBX it is necessary to know a series of details.

IP PBX, that rare concept

With the IP PBX the voice is sent converted to data through the Internet.

It is a 100% scalable system.

If you already have a phone number. you do not need to lose it. As easy as making a portability. And nothing more.

The IP VoIP switches are all advantages and disadvantages for the company

Beyond your price you need to know the characteristics of the IP Voice and what this technology can do for your company.

At Neotel, if we know anything, it’s IP Voice Telephony. What are you waiting for to call us?

By contracting a PBX what is intended is to gain in comfort and efficiency.

Being in a hurry to hire a switchboard company does not usually work out well. It is better to take time to research online user references about each of the services of the different IP Voice operators that currently exist.

Neotel puts at your service the best virtual switchboard

The virtual PBX is composed or operated by modules. These can be deleted or added at the customer’s whim. Each module provides extra functionality to the system that makes it more powerful.

Companies that sell switchboards there are many, many. There are more affordable prices and others less. Some are more reliable, others not so much. Ensures that you are hiring a professional company with extensive experience in virtual switchboards.

At Neotel we are capable of facing any situation. No matter the size of your company, where you are or the number of agents. We have the capacity to spare you to give you the best coverage.

Search, compare, and at the end is Neotel

As you can see there are several aspects to consider when hiring a virtual switchboard.

Some other aspects to consider

More things you need to know

Trust the Neotel cloud exchange

There is no reason to think that this is an unstable technology.

More and more call centers choose to migrate to the PBX

Do you need a VoIP PBX?

Neotel is your Telecommunications Provider par excellence. We understand the needs that call centers have to face every day. We are specialized in providing solutions to these problems.

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Cloud Virtual PBX – The Neotel virtual switchboard in the cloud

Nothing more than the reduction in costs and it is worthwhile to migrate with Neotel.

Surveys of Telemarketing, Spy & Whisper, Call recording, Click 2 Call Me Back, Virtual Fax, etc.

  • Without installation or maintenance.
  • There are no geographical limitations.
  • Give a more professional image to your customers.
  • Scalability
  • Easy to use.

We are the # 1 provider in virtual switchboards

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We are ahead of the future, to offer you the best technologies in Telecommunications today

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WebRTC line

Have you ever dreamed of making real-time communications, from the web browser itself, and without the need to install any kind of plug-in? This is possible with the WebRTC lines that Neotel offers.

No need to install anything, just using an Internet connection. This is what you need to start making calls through WebRTC,

WebRTC is a reality. And you should be interested

  • Rated as reliable and safe by users.
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Open source technology

Are you willing to make your life easier? Do you want to hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard?

Be in direct communication with your employees and customers.

Do you need more reasons?


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Start saving money with internal calls!

Thanks to the PBX you can forget the problems of whether your headquarters and delegations or workers are not located in the same geographical area.

centralita voip

With the PBX we break all these limitations.

Do you need a softphone? We propose something even better: hire a WebRTC line now.

grabación de llamadas

Move to the Neotel switchboard. And take your business off the ground.