Explanation of the Virtual Switchboard

A virtual switchboard is a system that manages incoming calls in the company and offers different customization options in terms of voice mailboxes, options menus, welcome locutions, etc. it means.

Discover all the features offered by our virtual switchboard

If you have a small or medium business, Neotel’s virtual switchboard is without a doubt the best solution for you.

Functionality of the virtual switchboard


Outgoing calls

One of the features of our switchboard is that it allows us to spread the same phone number on the screen when we make calls, that is, if we call from a landline or mobile phone that is linked to the same extension, it does not matter which device it is, the call Outgoing will be produced from the same telephone number, which is what the customer will see on the screen when he receives it.

Call identification

As we have said, our switchboard is oriented to small and medium companies, so we like that the cost on the part of the client is the minimum. We work with any operator when making detours.

Call statistics

We will give you a username and password with which to access your Client portal, and from which you can see all the information relevant to your statistics of incoming calls, outgoing calls, minutes spoken, etc.

Call transference

Once the call enters any of your lines, you can easily transfer it to any other extension of your PBX, dialing a short combination of keys on your dial.


You can configure different options according to schedule types, so that as calls come in during business hours or outside, your customers are never left unattended.

Waiting lines

Set up a waiting queue with music for when your customers call, and until they are served.

Option menu

With this option you can distribute incoming calls from your customers between the departments of your company. The caller only needs to press the corresponding key (a number) on his dial and it will be automatically transferred to the department. suitable for your attention.


You can configure all kinds of locutions for your business, and to inform your customers, from changes in schedule, closings for vacations, changes in the regulations, to anything you can think of.

Unlimited detours

Unlimited reception to as many mobile or fixed lines as you wish, without limit of internal deviations.

If you are looking for a switchboard for your company, or already have a physical and you want to hire one in the cloud for all its advantages with respect to physics, we invite you to call us and we will advise you for free.

The Telecommunications and Telephony market is moving very fast. At Neotel we are very proud of our solutions for SMEs. If you are looking at switchboard rates for your company, you should contact us now.

In fact, many of our current customers were former customers of other Telephony operators (Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Jazztel, …). After testing the switchboard with these operators, they are dissatisfied with the quality of the service received, so they contact Neotel to improve their situation.

The Neotel switchboard allows us to have extensions at the regional (provincial) or international level.

The range of possibilities with the switchboard is very wide: telemarketing surveys, virtual fax, spy and whisper, call recorder, click to call me back, and a very long etc.

Another of the main differences of our switchboard with respect to others, is that with the Neotel virtual switchboard there is no initial investment by the customer. Being a system hosted in our cloud, you do not need to spend anything on hardware devices to use your virtual switchboard. With this, we also benefit from the fact that if tomorrow our virtual switchboard is damaged, Neotel’s own technical specialists are in charge of fixing it, with no need for you to disburse any money.

The advantages offered by virtual switchboards over physical ones are many.

In case you need a new phone number, at Neotel we provide you one. And if you already have a number, we’ll take it so you do not lose it or have to change it for a new one.

To use a virtual switchboard you need to link the landlines and / or mobiles to your switchboard, so that it can make the detours to your devices.

If you thought that working with a virtual switchboard would be more expensive than working with a physical switchboard, it is just the opposite.

Communication plays a fundamental role in companies. The one that works perfectly is vital for the company to maintain itself over time. For this, from Neotel we offer you the virtual switchboard.

Advantages of a virtual switchboard: self-employed and companies


If you need to resolve any questions regarding the Neotel switchboard, you can write us at or call us at (+34) 952641034.

I configured a menu of options to transfer the call of the client with the department. suitable. Even if there are only 5 employees in your company, you will be giving a much more professional image and the people who contact your company will have the feeling of working with a larger company.

If you want to give the image of a national company, at Neotel we provide you with a phone number. with provincial prefix, to give that feeling.

Entrepreneurs can benefit, and much, from the virtual switchboard.

There are many advantages of the virtual switchboard for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of and hire the Neotel switchboard now

Another peculiarity offered by the PBX is that of transferring a call to carry out what is known as a transferred transfer, which consists of contacting the agent with whom it is going to be transferred to notify them of the call or client who asks or needs it, and then, the call is transferred.

It is the advantage of the virtual switchboard: customers always call the same number, and the call is transferred to a landline or mobile phone.

With the call locution, the caller knows at all times that he is contacting the right company.

The options are (almost) infinite with Neotel.

The switchboards have evolved and a lot. Take advantage of the quality and versatility of Neotel’s PBX and hire it for your business.