What is the best option for teleworking from home?

A virtual switchboard system is designed so that users can work and access it from anywhere.

If you are looking at Google now options for teleworking from home in front of the coronavirus we recommend that you check our section here, which explains the steps to implement teleworking in your company so you do not have to close.


With the same functionality as in the company

If on the other hand you do not yet have a virtual switchboard system you can contract it with our company. The installation is very simple (the customer does not have to do anything) and our technicians can help you to be up and running sooner than you imagine.

virtual pbx

Once you are registered with the virtual switchboard, your employees can access the normal company telephone system as if they were physically there. You can find more information about the switchboard here. We also recommend that you watch this video on how the virtual pbx works.

If you already have the pbx the transfer of the system to the house is very simple. It only consists of taking the ip terminal home and connecting it there. You don’t even need a physical telephone. You can use the Neotel web softphone, free for all customers.


Quick and easy installation

The current situation of the coronavirus is causing companies that do not want to close their businesses to opt for other solutions. Here teleworking is undoubtedly the most effective. And Neotel’s virtual switchboard is the only tool you need for this.