Neotel for large and medium enterprises

At Neotel we never tire of saying it: what do you want to save money with telephony in your company? Then you will have to contract a virtual pbx. Neotel’s virtual pbx means saving money on technical specialists and maintenance. Here, all that runs on our side. What does that sound like?

More benefits, less costs

If your company already has a physical switchboard, please contact us and we will advise you without obligation. Migrating the physical switchboard of your company to Neotel is much simpler than you might think in principle.

Scalability and flexibility

Always up to date. Your office goes with you!


virtual pbx

The Neotel pbx will allow you to be in contact with your employees always and regardless of where they are in the world. The Neotel virtual switchboard offers exactly the same features as a traditional physical switchboard. With Neotel you can: promote employee mobility, save costs, professionalize the image of the brand and enhance communication between departments.



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Globalization has become a challenge for companies today. That’s why with the Neotel switchboard your workers can be physically in cities or countries other than their own. And this will not be a problem for the proper functioning of the business.