How to choose the best virtual switchboard and what is this

If you have ever wondered how Customer Service companies may be making bulk calls to users from a single telephone number, the answer is thanks to the virtual switchboard.

The virtual switchboard means big savings in calls, and this is the reason why the PBX is established, no longer as the Telephony technology of the future, but today.

In addition to the aforementioned economic savings, it is also worth mentioning the savings in space provided by the PBX.

The control unit consists of different modules that increase the initial functionality of this system. Some of the modules for Neotel virtual switchboard are Click to call me back, Virtual fax, Telemarketing surveys, Incoming call statistics, Dynamic signaling, Meeting room, Queuing, Selective signaling, Verification by third parties, Integrated phones, Spy & whisper and Call recording.


With the PBX are all advantages

The abbreviations of PBX correspond to Private Brand Exchange.

Clearly, when choosing a switchboard supplier it is important to stop and think before and analyze what your needs are and your company’s and, according to these, ask if the switchboard that is offered meets these needs.

Does your switchboard meet your needs?

Before deciding on a company or another of switchboards, we recommend that you do a previous study in Google and look for references on the services provided by each of them.

A switchboard serves to offer a better telephone service to the customer while helping us to manage all the control of calls that occur in the company.

The most basic thing that a PBX allows us and that every company with more than 2 employees requires is:

  • Answer multiple calls simultaneously. With the virtual switchboard the limitations in the number of simultaneous calls in a company can be broken. No matter the number of agents in your company.
  • One extension per user. As if they were independent lines. Only using always the same number.


With the virtual switchboard we make sure we do not miss any calls. The caller never listens to communicating tones or voicemails. The call always enters the agent that is free at that moment.

The following features of the PBX are used to save the company time and improve customer satisfaction:

  1. Welcome message. When the company is called, a locution is heard that tells us what company we are calling and any information that is relevant.
  2. Option menu. This option saves the company time by transferring calls from one department to another. With this mode, the calling user has to dial an option on his dial (a special number or symbol) to be automatically transferred to the corresponding area to deal with his matter.
  3. Waiting lines What happens when someone calls your company and all operators are busy talking? Well, that’s where the waiting line comes into play. With this option, those calls that momentarily can not be answered, are placed in a waiting queue, to be addressed as soon as possible, that is, at the moment when an operator remains free. Meanwhile, the customers who are in this queue, their call is enlivened with music waiting to be chosen by the company that is called.
  4. Phone service hours. What happens when someone calls the company and it is closed (after hours)? With this option we can inform the customers who call the business hours of the company, and then the option is given to leave a message in the voicemail. So there are no more calls that are lost or unattended.
  5. Transfer calls With a virtual switchboard a call is transferred very easily, from one extension to another, that is, from a department. to another.
  6. Use the company telephone outside the company. As the switchboard works through the Internet, we can continue making and answering calls with our mobile phone when we are on the street, and it continues to function as the company’s own telephone.

In addition to these benefits, there are many more: create rules for incoming calls, steal calls, advanced call reports, use numbering from other provinces or countries, divert calls to mobiles, etc.

Not all PBX’s are of the same characteristics. Not all telecommunications companies provide the same service. If you are looking for a virtual switchboard system for your company, contact Neotel.

If you have any questions about the use of Neotel PBX virtual PBX, call us now and we will solve all of them.

There is no case that Neotel is not able to sustain.

The possibilities of switchboard configuration are many and each company is different.

Each company needs its own configuration and features. And that’s what Neotel is for. Call us and start enjoying the Neotel switchboard today.