Neotel has the best Yealink terminals

Many call centers continue to work with old terminals connected to expensive telephone services. The large telephone companies generate large dividends and the managers of the companies that contract these services are often unaware of the technological change. Working with VoIP telephony can reduce many costs, but for this it is important to acquire Yealink terminals.

Yealink terminals are communication devices that can work with Internet technology. In this way, communications do not depend on traditional telephony plans, but the entire communication system of the company is based on digital connection. Those companies that already have a virtual PBX or wish to upgrade to it, will find it positive to buy IP phones.

Neotel has Yealink terminals for every need.


The best thing about Yealink terminals is that there are many models with different prices adapted to the availability of each customer. The most advanced would be the CP920, 30 and 60 models, ideal for audio conferences from the office. At Neotel prices range from 299 € to 499 €. Some of these devices can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In this online store there are also IP phones from 47,95 €. These are basically traditional devices with a speaker, like those found in any office. The difference is that they allow calls to be made from an Internet connection. Neotel offers the Yealink T30 and T31 models.

It should be noted that all these devices have the necessary functions in the office or call center. That is, they allow transferring calls, putting the user on hold, muting and other similar operations. All communication can be made cheaper and coordinated from a virtual PBX while all data is hosted in the cloud.

Neotel: everything in business communications

At Neotel, you don’t just get telephone devices for the office. In fact, there you can also find important accessories to establish the necessary connections for the communication system. There you can also buy Grandsteam gateways, with which you can integrate the telephone line and the new IP telephony services.

All these devices and accessories are also compatible with Neotel’s cloud storage call center software services. It is a compendium of technological solutions that can be unified to get the most out of them. Communication will be covered, data will be stored and the cost will be lower. The initial investment in this type of technology usually pays dividends very quickly.


virtual pbx

Based on this technology and the installation of a virtual PBX, a wide range of modules can be installed. There is an automated solution for every business need. Conferences, telephone marketing, customer service and call transfers… everything is simplified. In any case, the important thing is to know that the necessary implements to make the technological adaptation of the office are in the Neotel store.