Predictive dialer: How does it work to improve the call center?

Automation represents efficiency because it allows control of work processes. Although an intelligent machine cannot do all human tasks, it can intervene to motivate higher productivity. This is precisely what happens with some advanced call center modules such as the predictive dialer.

predictive dialer

However, in order to apply this technology, it is important for coordinators and company managers to understand its usefulness and operation. Only then will they be able to adapt it to the specific characteristics of the business, since not all management is the same. Both customer service and telemarketing are approached differently according to each company, mission and product. How does the predictive dialer work? A predictive dialer has in principle the task of predicting as its name suggests. What this automated module for telephone call management predicts is a pattern that in turn should lead to the optimal work of the operators. In short, the predictive dialer designs the way in which to work most effectively. To make this prediction or predictions, the system works with an algorithm that analyzes the management and learns how the call center operates. To do this, the predictive dialer works with a series of data that are collected in the virtual PBX during daily work. This in turn makes it possible to propose new strategies within the office. The numerical data used by the predictive dialer are the number of active and busy operators, the average call time and the number of available numbers. In addition to this, the dialing and answering time of each contact made by employees is also calculated. Therefore, this system works with lists of telephone numbers. More efficient marketing campaigns The predictive dialer is ideal for controlling outbound call management in departments. The module operates by launching calls while the operator is both on and off the line. In this way, the decision to call and the dialing times do not depend on the employee but on the machine. The call launcher can initiate dialing while a telemarketer is talking to a customer. In fact, he or she will know when he or she can end a call to enter the next one. This not only forces the employee to be more productive but also defines a working dynamic within the call center. One of the main problems of outbound and telemarketing departments is the lack of control of their workers. Some will be very efficient without receiving an order and others will be slower. The goal is to drive all individuals to increasingly productive and efficient management. This is not always achieved with reprimands or reprimands. Knowing the usefulness of installing the predictive dialer in the call center software, the next step is to choose the right system. The more up-to-date and modern these modules are, the more useful they will be. It is important to hire the virtual switchboard services to companies with trajectory and innovative as for example Neotel. This can be a fundamental tool to achieve commercial success.