Phones in IP telephony

Surely when studying the option of implementing ip telephony within your business or company has raised the question about what are IP phones.

If you want clarity about it, then we’ll talk about them.

Importance of IP Phone in an IP Phone System

When it has been decided to implement an ip telephony system it is essential to be clear that the company needs to use a type of specific terminals known as IP phones.

These phones are also known as VoIP phones, SIP as well as softphones. Be clear that these are just different ways of calling the same device that has been specially designed to perform voice transmission over the internet.

telefonía IP

Now, it is essential to make it clear that you can currently find different IP phones. Among them are the IP phones supported by 3CX.

We should also mention other versions of SIP phones that can be found:

  • For example, we must talk about the software-based virtual phone. This type of telephone presents a program that makes use of a microphone as well as of the speakers of the computer or of the earphones to allow to make or receive the call.
  • On the other hand we find the phone based on hardware, which is presented as a traditional phone, but is connected directly to the data network. In order for this connection to take place, they integrate a mini concentrator.
  • Finally we must talk about the analog phone that uses an ATA adapter to be used with the VOIP telephone system. With this adapter you can use your old phone as if it were a SIP phone.

In any case it is worth bearing in mind that regular SIP phones are presented at very affordable prices today.