What are the advantages of IP Telephony today?

IP telephony saves us a lot of money on both national and international calls.

IP telephony, unlike conventional telephony, entails much lower implementation costs and, for this reason, costs less money to the end customer.

Conventional telephony allows to use only the telephone as a device for communication while ip telephony allows to be used in many devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on.

Traditional telephony will always be limited to a physical place as wiring is its own limitation in this case.


telefonía ip

IP telephony allows you to use a telephone line from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection so it gives a very wide freedom to workers who use it.

Conventional telephony requires more time and execution by technicians for mainly the installation of all the wiring.

IP telephony allows for instant highs. This will never happen with traditional telephony.

IP telephony will give users the ability to move and move freely, unlike the conventional telephony that ties them to a physical workplace.

IP telephony allows things such as diversion to our smartphone so that no matter what happens, we are never disconnected.

IP telephony does not mean at any time a worse quality of calls compared to traditional telephony.

IP telephony is possible thanks to voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which transforms voice into data.

IP telephony allows different offices and workers to be integrated under a single telephony system.

IP telephony has existed for many years. However, it is in the last years when a greater acquisition of this technology is appreciated in the companies. It must also be said that, being dependent on Internet connections, the Internet system we have today is not the same as the one we had a few years ago.