What type of companies need to use IP Telephony?

Here in this post we gather some reasons why companies decide to migrate to VoIP (Voice over IP).

Companies that need IP Telephony

The first of all for a company to use IP Telephony is that it has an Internet connection.

1.- They answer the calls from the mobile

Between self-employed and commercial people, it is very normal to be outside the office. And thanks to IP Telephony they can now continue to receive incoming calls on their mobile devices in the same way as if they were inside the office.

2.- They have several locations

telefonía ip

A company that uses IP Telephony can make all its calls internally as if working from a single location, even if this is not the case, and each worker is in a different country.

3.- They have teleworkers

IP Telephony is very common in companies that have teleworkers. In this way, teleworkers can set up an extension of the company line and work from home, as if they were inside the office.

4.- They want to use the company’s phone from other locations

Since IP telephony is not linked to any specific physical location, you can use the company telephone from anywhere.

5.- They want to use numbers from other countries or provinces

As simple as contracting a numbering with the prefix of the country or province where your customers are located.

6.- They use a traditional switchboard

By replacing a traditional physical switchboard with a virtual switchboard, companies are reluctant to costly hardware maintenance.

7.- They use more than one telephone simultaneously

IP telephony allows you to have as many simultaneous calls and extensions as you need and at a ridiculous price. If your company is in this situation of need, you need to use IP Telephony.

To summarize: IP Telephony gives us maximum freedom by not having to be limited to a specific geographical area and has great savings and benefits to the companies that use it.

You can now learn more about IP Telephony here.

If your company is not yet a user of IP Telephony or if it is but you think you are paying more than necessary, we recommend that you contact Neotel now and you will be surprised.