How does predictive dialing help boost my brand?

Predictive dialing is a great tool to boost agent productivity, contact leads and satisfy our customers. If you are looking to install a predictive dialing software solution for your call center, contact Neotel, a global call center software specialist with a long history.

With a predictive dialer the call centers work better. Calls are made more efficiently. And another advantage is that being integrated with the CRM of Neotel, we have on screen access to all the information referring to the client that is called, including data as important as the current and past promotions that were offered, plans or modalities that would be paying Currently, and ultimately any need that the client let us know, everything can be properly indicated within the CRM with Neotel’s integrated switchboard.

Install a predictive dialer for greater customer satisfaction

Predictive markers are tailored to companies of all sizes, from large corporate multisite to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, at Neotel we carry out tailor-made developments, so whatever the need you request for your call center software, we can do it.

The predictive dialer that fits all call centers

Did you know that the costs of having a predictive dialer such as Neotel are minimal? This has a reason to be very easy to understand. The software for call center, to be hosted entirely in the cloud of Neotel, that is, virtually on our servers, you do not have to pay for any type of device or hardware.

Reduce costs in your call center company with the predictive dialer

Increase sales thanks to the Neotel predictive dialer

Thanks to the integration of the predictive dialer with the CRM, you get a platform 100% integrated in your systems, where you will find all the important and relevant information for your company.

With the predictive dialer what we get in short accounts is to try to increase the talk time between agents and clients. Being an intelligent software, the predictive dialer knows the perfect time to make a call to an X client, and is also able to predict when it is going to end, to call the next contact.


Increased agent productivity


In a call center, the time factor is absolutely everything. Every second wasted is a lost sales opportunity. With the predictive dialer and the Neotel software call center tools, you can solve these failures and the performance of your call center is the highest.