Signaling module: vital in telemarketing and collections

Today’s call center software contains solutions for all kinds of circumstances. Technology makes it possible to go beyond the customer’s insecurities and prejudices to establish contact with him or her. One proof of this is the signaling module, which opens doors for companies.

Outbound call departments often deal with two barriers regardless of their function. The first is the distrust that many customers have when it comes to receiving business calls. The second is the disinclination when they have already managed to identify a business number and believe the information is useless. Both of these obstacles can be overcome through signaling.

What is signaling?



Signaling is an automated module that allows you to change the telephone number with which calls are made. This can be fundamental to generate confidence in the client so that the contact is attended. For example, if the company is located in a city other than that of the users, a prefix can be used that is from the territory to which they belong.

Another common problem occurs when customers begin to recognize the company’s number. Many times this identification motivates people to simply not answer. This happens a lot with collection departments. From this tool, the telephone numbering can be modified to create curiosity and certain expectation.

The objective of the signaling module is to motivate effective contact. To this end, it has two modes: selective and dynamic. The first allows the operator to manually set the number he/she finds convenient. The second is an intelligent automation programming made by the system itself.

A tool for telemarketing and collections

Telemarketing departments tend to change numbers to create customer curiosity. This is what allows a greater number of outbound calls to be received. From here, there is a small window to sell or introduce the customer to a product or service.

Something similar happens with the collection department where it is necessary to modify a little the prefixes and numbers. The operator can play with the possibility of changing part or all of the numbering. With the use of this tool, certain quite functional strategies are usually learned. Of course, like any other module, its application must be well thought out.

It is also often used by companies to add prefixes that are recognizable to users. In this case, signage becomes a tool that generates reliability. In the case of customer service and security management, this can be of vital importance.

A contribution to customer security

When reliable prefixes are used for people, they are taught to preserve the security of their data. In this way, the customer learns to recognize the number and to be wary of unfamiliar numbers. In this way, fraud can be avoided beyond the company’s location.

In the case of Neotel, the signaling module is integrated into the virtual PBX. Companies that contract the software can count on this service. Undoubtedly, another ingenious solution of automation applied to the business world.