Mobile Rates

Mobile rates: the advantage of no permanence

The offer of mobile rates is quite wide and that makes it much more difficult to make a decision. Some plans are expensive and others are very cheap, but most of them are related. In many cases, the difference must be established by cents.

That is why to get the best phone plans it is essential to analyze much more than just the rates. One of the fundamental aspects to obtain a profitable agreement is to consider the permanence. This is related to the contract conditions of each telephone company.

Mobile tariffs without permanence are better


mobile rates

Many telephone companies plan contractual stipulations that are convenient for them. One such condition used by a few traditional companies is that of permanence. This obliges the customer to remain for a period of time with the telephone company, once they sign up for a plan.

The permanence usually has different lengths of time. Some companies only stipulate it for about three months, which is usually the minimum time. However, in other cases the customer is obliged to maintain the service and payments with the company for six months or even a year.

The permanence is usually signed even before starting to enjoy the telephone and data service. The problem comes when the customer starts using his plan and notices service failures. There is also the case of companies that raise the cost of their plans without even warning. In these cases, the contracting party must hold out until the stipulation that obliges him to remain in the plan expires.

At Neotel we work without permanence

The problem with many mobile tariffs with permanence is that they can be abusive and even misleading. In case the customer wants to be released from the service, he must pay some kind of penalty. At Neotel we are confident in the quality of our service and protect the customer’s freedom of choice.

In addition to having cheap mobile tariffs, all of them can be contracted without any permanence stipulation. In this way, the customer can cancel the service whenever he/she wants without any kind of penalty. Likewise, it is feasible for the business contracting party to eliminate some numbers if they wish to reduce their expenses when acquiring the call center software.

The best mobile rates are economical, of high quality and allow the customer to decide on their contracting. In this way, even a person with a small business can enjoy the benefits of the virtual PBX. The goal is to make customers feel comfortable and adapt their budget comfortably.

Unlimited calls

Another important factor when purchasing mobile tariffs is to choose those that allow unlimited plans. There are offers on the market that seem very profitable, but limit the minutes for telephone communication.

In conclusion, it is essential to verify each proposal on the market. To tell the truth, analyzing only the cost does not allow the customer to find the best service. Every aspect of mobile tariff contracts can have an impact on the user’s experience, which is why it is necessary to read even the small print.