Incoming call statistics: Record everything your customers say

Having total control of what happens in your company, with your customers and especially in the call center software is possible thanks to the statistics of incoming calls, achieves a better image, less waiting time and greater productivity thanks to the reports that this module will provide.

What is the call statistics module?


call statistics virtual pbx

It is a record of the incoming calls in queue, answered or not, how long they wait before being answered, conversation time once answered and the total time of this call.

What do you achieve with the call statistics?

With Neotel’s incoming call statistics module you can have exhaustive control of the calls you receive in the call center.

You can create waiting lines, so the user will know that there are telemarketers working and will be attended shortly.

With the report to the customer of his position before being attended, estimated time of response that guarantees the good attention that the user deserves.

Benefits for the agent

Benefits for the agent

  • Real-time information
  • History of calls received from the client (answered or not)
  • Graphic representations of the information generated

Benefits for the call center coordinator

For the coordinator this statistics module will provide information on each call (call time, consumer waiting time and operator free time).

Additionally, he or she will obtain statistics on time slots, conversational times of each agent, with the appropriate filters for personalized searches that allow the evaluation of the means for telephone service.

For the entrepreneur

It allows the proper organization of work, establishing efficient schedules for agents, reducing customer waiting times and avoiding leisure time


Improves communication with customers

For any company the communication with their customers is vital, and in this era of globalization does not escape it, so with this module you can:


  • Call Center Coordinator
  • Measuring calls per queue
  • Set time slots (according to volume)
  • Listen and download the recordings


CDR module Neotel tails

The Neotel CDR Queues module allows you to have exhaustive control of the incoming calls you receive in your Call Center.

This system creates call queues informing the customer in which position he is to contact an agent.

This way the user will know that there are operators working behind the line and that he will soon be attended.

Improve communication with your customer thanks to this module.