What you gain by having innovative call center software

There are companies that do not have large customer support rooms and still look for a novel call center software. The reason is simple: this is a tool that provides the basis for countless useful tasks and functions. It’s not just about managing telephone communication because in fact this program provides companies with a world of possibilities.

Contact center companies sometimes spend a lot of time to update their communication managers. The worst thing is that when they manage to do so, there are often already new tools, modules or mechanisms that are easier to use.

Today’s call center software


call center software

The call center software of the past allowed to connect several operators under the management of a coordination. All the data was stored on large and unmanageable servers. This implied the hiring of IT engineers and an enormous expense.                              This structure, which is not the most economical, is still in place in many customer service centers.

These obsolete systems are less able to incorporate automated modules. Today, the virtual PBX does the same thing, with less maintenance costs, less staff, less weight on the system and with greater advantages. All data is backed up on dedicated or shared servers that are not even within the companies.

When there is no update it is normal to see digital marketing departments exhausting outdated lists of customer phone numbers. All that is nowadays much simpler, more productive and the best thing is that it generates savings. All that is needed is to use IP telephony and an innovative software that operates in the cloud such as Neotel’s.

Current call center software modules

Automated call launchers are a tool that few companies use to their advantage. These allow to automate both inbound and outbound call handling. One of these is the predictive dialer that allows mapping all customer behavior and ensures a planned service. Coordinators will have statistics that will allow them to plan all the work.

With the progressive dialer, outbound call campaigns can be planned. Another of today’s major modules is the call robot. With this, a recorded message is programmed to reach large lists of customers with the message you want to broadcast. All this means that having an innovative call center software means having a tool that brings users closer to the company.

It is also important to know the other services that the company offering the call center service in the cloud has. Some simply install software and offer an expensive call service. In the case of the most advanced companies, the services compatible with the virtual PBX are really efficient. IVR, signaling, bulk SMS, among others. Undoubtedly, adapting generates greater productivity and management facilities.